Higher immigration rates in Binh Duong Province result in high housing demand

Higher immigration rates in industrial parks in the Southern Province of Binh Duong have been leading to higher demand for rental house.

Migrant workers return home after work (Photo: SGGP)

Migrant workers return home after work (Photo: SGGP)

According to the national Population and Housing Censuses in 2019, the rate of rental house in Binh Duong Province was highest in the country with 74.5 percent because of the arrival of increasing numbers of migrant workers, experts and engineers in industrial parks
Moreover, during urbanization, demand of house amongst migrant workers in developing districts including Thuan An, Di An, Thu Dau Mot, and Ben Cat is higher. Apartment condos are one of favorite places for migrants people.
Realty experts said customers paid attention to large apartment with airy space before whereas they are seeking quality apartments with facilities and near their office and near supermarkets, banks, schools and hospitals
Binh Duong Province is not only an attractive place for investors in the field of commerce, service but also realty groups or corporations. Early 2020, Binh Duong authorities has approved more than 100 apartment condo projects and residential block projects; 36 of them are located in Thuan An Town.
According to realty experts, Thuan An Town is located in the gate into Binh Duong, bordering with ho Chi Minh City and the Southern Province of Dong Nai. Moreover, people can travel to Thuan An Town on the National Highway.
Additionally, three industrial parks and two industrial chains are located in Thuan An which has perfect infrastructure.

By Ngoc Nguyen - Translated by Anh Quan

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