HCMC, Hanoi see CPI slow down in March

The Ho Chi Minh City consumer price index in March is reported to increase by 0.12 per cent from February, according to the city Statistics Office on March 20.

Accordingly, nine out of 11 groups saw a price increase, though   prices of food and catering services went down by 0.74 per cent this month.

The biggest price hike in the month was seen in group housing, electricity, water, fuel, and construction material, soaring by about 2.51 per cent.

Prices of medicine and healthcare rose less than 1 per cent, much lower than expected.

Other essential products apart from post and telecommunications, showed an increase of less than 1 per cent.
Meanwhile, the Hanoi Statistical Office has also announced CPI rise of 0.19 per cent this month.
Topping the list were housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials, up by 2.84 per cent, and transport by 1.36 per cent.

Of note, food and catering services in the capital showed a decrease of 0.81 per cent for the first time this year.
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By T.Hai,A.Thu – Translated by T.Huong

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