Goods gradually increases in markets, purchasing power inches up

The volume of goods to wholesale markets such as Binh Dien, Hoc Mon and Thu Duc in HCMC has gradually increased. Traders said that purchasing power slightly moved up on February 20 or the fifth day of the lunar New Year.

The man buys vegetables at a market in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

The man buys vegetables at a market in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

The goods volume to the markets accounted for 25-50 percent over normal equivalent to 1,600-3,200 tons, yesterday. At Hoc Mon market, it reached 962 tons including 689 tons of vegetables, 218 tons of fruits and 46 tons of pork. The volume approximates 2,600-2,800 a normal day.
Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, director of Hoc Mon Wholesale Market Management and Trading Company, said that the prices of most vegetables and fruits have reduced to normal levels.
Traders said that purchasing power slightly hiked compared to few days ago, however it was much lower than the same period last year because many people have not yet come back to the city.
The price of a kilogram of tiger prawn now swings from VND350,000-380,000, white leg shrimp VND250,000-280,000, small yellow mandarin VND60,000-70,000, tomato VND20,000-22,000 and sponge gourd VND20,000.
Some supermarkets and convenient stores have maintained their promotional programs which started before the Tet holiday so they have seen customers slightly raise compared to a few days ago.
A kilogram of tomato in some large supermarkets in HCMC is priced VND9,900, yellow orange imported from South Africa VND29,000, iceburg lettuce VND30,000 and sponge gourd VND17,500.
From February 21, most companies and restaurants officially resume operation.

By THI HONG – Translated by Hai Mien

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