Gasoline price plunges to about VND16,000 a liter

The price of ethanol gasoline blend E5RON92 reduced by VND2,290 a liter to VND16,056 a liter while RON95-III dropped by VND2,315 a liter to VND16,812 a liter from 3p.m. on March 15.
Diesel 0.05S price dropped VND1,750 to VND13,035 a liter, kerosene plunged VND1,830 to VND11,846 a liter and mazut price fell VND1,353 to VND10,501 a kilogram.
According to the requirement by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, businesses must contribute VND200 a liter of E5RON92 sold to the price stabilization fund. The contribution level is VND800 to a liter of RON95, kerosene and diesel and VND100 a kilogram of mazut.
Under influence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, petrol prices have been in down trend for the last 15 days. Specifically, the price of RON92 gasoline, used for making E5RON92, reduced by US$3.53 to $48.69 a barrel. RON95 price dropped by $13.84 to $50.35 a barrel, diesel price went down $11.52 to $52.24 a barrel, kerosene dropped $12.09 to $50.4 a barrel and mazut price fell $69.86 to $232.60 a ton.

By Ha My – Translated by Phuong Ho

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