Time for Vietnamese Dragon, Writes Int'l Monthly

International monthly "Afrique-Asie" in its September edition runs an article, entitled "Time for Vietnamese Dragon", hailing Viet Nam's economic growth over the past two decades and its "resounding step in the arena of globalization".

International monthly "Afrique-Asie" hails Viet Nam's economic growth over the past two decades

The two-page article writes that for less than 20 years, Viet Nam had not only escaped from poverty but also become an agricultural-industrial power, ranking first in the world in exporting pepper; second in exporting rice and coffee; and seventh in exporting seafood.

According to the article, Viet Nam's textile, footwear and furniture industries are also well developing, all helping the country register an economic growth rate of 8.2 percent in 2006, ranking second in the region after China.

The monthly attributes high foreign investment flow of more than US$10.2 billion  last year to the high economic growth rate.

It affirms that Viet Nam is attractive to foreign investors for its political stability, young and skilled human resources and open-door policy.

The paper stresses that with excellent growth rate, Vietnamese Dragon would catch up with and surpass Thai Tiger in 12 years and become an industrial nation by 2020.

Source: VNA

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