Casino Group sells Big C VN to Thai Central Group worth up US$ 1billion

The Casino Group said it reached the final agreement for selling its Big C suppermarket chain in Vietnam to the Central Group –Thailand.

Accordingly, the Big C Vietnam will be sold at EUR 920million (equal to VND 23,300billion).

For the end of 2015, the Casino Group planned to sell its Vietnam Big C suppermarket chain although it spent over 18 years for developing its Big C suppermarket chain in Vietnam. The Vietnam Big C has 10 convinient stores and 33 suppermarkets. The 2015 revenue reached EUR 586 million (equivelant to US$ 665million).

The Central Group was established in 1927. It finally has passed its competitors in the retail sector such as Berli Jucker (Thailand), Lotte Group (Korea), Aeon (Japan), Dairy Farm (Singapore) and Saigon Co.op (Vietnam) to own the Big C suppermarket chain in Vietnam.

H.Ha-Translated by M.Quyen

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