Binh Thuan opens tours to dragon fruit fields

Binh Thuan Province is known as not only a place with strong development in tourism but also the largest area specializing in growing dragon fruit across the country. For years, the idea of the model of community tourism attaching with dragon fruit production has been kindled. By the end of last year, that model has been realized by the Tourism Promotion Information Center of Binh Thuan Province in association with the People’s Committee of Ham My Commune.

Foreign tourists visit a dragon fruit field. (Photo: SGGP)

Foreign tourists visit a dragon fruit field. (Photo: SGGP)

We arrived at the house of Mr. Nguyen Van Chin in Ham My Commune in Ham Thuan Nam District of Binh Thuan Province when he was welcoming a group of nearly ten foreign tourists. After enjoying the Southern amateur music and cai luong (reformed opera) performances, these foreign tourists were guided by Mr. Chin to visit his dragon fruit field. At the dragon fruit field, tourists learned about the different growth stages of dragon fruit plants, the method to make dragon fruit plants to flower, harvesting and preserving dragon fruits after harvesting and they had the experience of a true farmer. 

‘Awesome! They look like a cactus farm on some desert,’ a Russian tourist named Viktoryia Nanumiam said in amazement. Other foreign tourists also expressed their excitement, making the dragon fruit field more vibrant. After that, these foreign tourists continuously asked questions, such as ‘How are dragon fruit plants grown?’, and ‘Why do they need lighting at night?’. Mr. Chin answered their questions while showing eager tourists how to do the job carefully.

After experiencing dragon fruit plant cultivation at the field, tourists returned to Mr. Chin’s house to enjoy red-ripened dragon fruits and products made from dragon fruits, including dried dragon fruits, dragon fruit jelly, dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit smoothie, dragon fruit wine and dragon fruit sweet soup.

‘Dragon fruits are not only delicious but they are also special. I have taken lots of pictures of dragon fruit plants. When I come home, my friends will be so envious of me that they will visit this place,’ said Mr. Anatoly Kototych, a Russian tourist.

According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Binh Thuan Province, this year, the local tourism industry will build at least three more dragon fruit fields for tourists to visit. At the same time, the department will continue to cooperate and develop community tourism in ethnic minority and rural areas to diversify tourism products, create more jobs and improve the life of local people.

With an area of around 30,000 hectares and annual production of nearly 600,000 tons, Binh Thuan Province is considered as the capital of dragon fruits of Vietnam. Currently, the geographical indication ‘Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit’ has been registered for protection in countries in the European Union; the trademark ‘Binh Thuan DRAGON FRUIT’ is protected by 12 countries.

By Nguyen Tien – Translated by Thanh Nha

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