Banknote issued to celebrate anniversary of State Bank of Vietnam's foundation

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of its foundation on May 6, the State Bank of Vietnam issued a VND100 commemorative banknote, which cannot be used for payment.

The front side of the commemorative banknote (Photo: SGGP)

The issuance of the banknote aimed to mark the bank sector’s remarkable development in the new era and increase information of the country’s image and national history to Vietnamese people and people in the world.

Accordingly the design of the note has the color of red. The front side of the commemorative banknote has words “Ngan hang Nha nuoc Vietnam “( the State Bank of Viettnam), value of the banknote written both in number and word; national emblem, picture of President Ho Chi Minh and decree No. 15/SL issued on May 6, 1951 and signature of the State Bank governor, words "Ky niem 65 nam thanh lap Ngan hang Vietnam" ( Commemoration of 65th anniversary of the State Bank’s establishment and picture of a book.

The back side of the banknote has words “Ngan hang Nha nuoc Vietnam ( the State Bank of Viettnam); value 100 written both in number and words ; picture of the state bank’s headquarter , Giong Saint, image of ancient coins.

This is the second time that the State bank of Vietnam has issued commemorative banknote. The first time the bank has issued a VND50 commemorative note to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2011. 

In the market, the VND100 commemorative banknote can be purchased as a keepsake at VND20,000-25,000 a piece. The State Bank of Vietnam and commercial banks will sell the note widely to meet the demand.

By staff writer - Translated by Anh Quan

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