500 trucks carrying fruits crammed in Lang Son Province

Information from Lang Son Province on October 17 said that in the past three days, export agricultural products, mainly dragon fruits, were jammed at Tan Thanh Border Gate again.

500 trucks carrying fruits crammed in Lang Son Province

According to Ms. Dao Thu Lan, head of Tan Thanh Customs Branch under the Department of Customs of Lang Son Province, around 500 trucks carrying agricultural products are stagnant at the border gate.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thieu Hoa, deputy head of Tan Thanh Customs Branch, said that as dragon fruit has entered peak harvest season in southern provinces while China has been applying transportation management software, leading to congestion at the border gate. Earlier, each Vietnamese agricultural-product-carrying truck just needed to make customs declaration and it would be cleared within two minutes when making export procedures to China. However, now it takes up to 10 minutes for customs clearance as China requires strict control on vehicles and goods on vehicles.

By Phuc Hau – Translated by Thuy Doan

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