Brilliant beauty of American spider flower field in Da Lat

These days, many tourists in Da Lat City are fascinated by thousands of colorful American spider flower plants (Cleome hassleriana) blooming.

 In the park on the extension section of Nguyen Van Cu Street, from the area of Anh Sang Hamlet to near the central fountain roundabout, Da Lat City has planted thousands of American spider flower plants.

Many tourists are surprised and excited as there is a seemly endless field of American spider flowers right in the center of Da Lat City. Many people stop by to film and take pictures to save beautiful moments with American spider flowers.

Cleome hassleriana or American spider flower originates from South America and has been introduced to Vietnam lately. The flower petals are soft and thin in purple color mixed with pink or white, creating a unique dreamy beauty.

Phan Ha Tan, a tourist from HCMC, said he was amazed because he had never noticed that place. That day, he passed by that place and saw the American spider flowers in full bloom. He was so excited that he immediately stopped by to take pictures with them.

Ho Le Minh Huyen, a tourist from An Giang Province, said that there were different types of flowers every time she visited Da Lat City, and she always took pictures with them, especially at that place. It would be wonderful if there were more public places like that.

Nguyen Van Huan, a tourist from An Giang Province, said he hoped that Da Lat City would develop more flower parks like that for tourists to visit because the flowers in Da Lat City are beautiful.

In Vietnam, the American spider flower also has other names, such as Hong ri, Phong diep thao (windy butterfly plant), and Hoa nhen (spider flower).