Authorities to research earth tremors in Quang Nam Province



People's Committee in the central province of Quang Nam have called for research into the recent earth tremors in the Song Tranh 2 hydro power plant in Tra My Town of Bac Tra My District, rumored to be a bomb explosion.  


The most recent tremors occurred late Sunday night, causing aftershocks within a 30-km radius, according to the local people.


At least three tremors have been recorded since November 16.


Dr Cao Dinh Trieu, Vice President of the Institute for Geophysics of Vietnam, said the tremors were believed to be caused by various activities in the power plant. The tremors could be the result of   functional activities which can cause earth tremors in the vicinity of artificial water reservoirs, he said.


This is a normal operational phenomenon that occurs worldwide. Similar tremors were recorded near the Hoa Binh hydro-power plant in 1989, Trieu added.


The Song Tranh 2 hydro power plant first opened in December 2010.


According to local residents, the tremors first occurred in January   this year around the Tranh River hydro-power plant.


Besides some small cracks in walls of some nearby houses, no large scale damage has so far been reported, Dr. Trieu noted, adding that the quake recorded more than 3.5 on the Richter scale. He also advised local people not to be panic as it is a natural phenomenon,   although recurring tremors can certainly affect the lives of the local people.


He added that further study and research is required to determine the full effect of the tremors and establish appropriate preventative measures.