Asian Environmental Network Convenes in Ha Noi

Asian Environmental Network Convenes in Ha Noi ảnh 1
Two environmental workers trim tree branches on a street in Ho Chi Minh City in a regular environmental protection program.(Photo:TT)

Environmental agency leaders from Asian nations convened in Ha Noi on December 4th to promote the development and implementation of environmental laws and institutions at the 2006 regional forum of the Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network (AECEN).

The two-day forum will include presentations outlining the status of AECEN pilot projects, country assessments and training activities, as well as the development of regional agendas targeting issues related to environmental compliance and enforcement. Delegates will also have the opportunity to share best practices based on their respective experiences in the region.

Forum participants will include over 100 senior environmental officials, policymakers, judges, lawyers, and other experts representing government agencies and international organizations from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Mr. Vijender Jain, acting chief justice of the Delhi High Court in India, is scheduled to present remarks highlighting progress made by Indian courts in upholding environmental laws through public interest litigation.

According to the U.S. Ambassador to Viet Nam, Michael Marine, implementing and enforcing environmental laws is a complex enterprise that depends not only on mutual cooperation and exchange between agencies, legislators and citizens within a country, but also between these groups at an international level.

The forum organizers are the AECEN, US Agency for International Development, Asian Development Bank, US Environmental Protection Agency, and Viet Nam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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