1,000 delegates to attend national forum on digital technology business growth

The Ministry of Information and Communications yesterday held a press conference about the upcoming national forum on the development of digital technology enterprises on December 8. This annual forum is the largest event of the digital technology community in Vietnam, aiming at shaping its growth direction.

1,000 delegates to attend national forum on digital technology business growth ảnh 1

The topics in this year’s forum will be about the sustainable development of technology companies during the disturbing period of the global economy, the contribution of digital technology enterprises in the national digital transformation process, solutions to increase the value of Vietnam in the global manufacturing and value chains, cooperation between domestic digital technology companies an large international technology corporations to launch ‘Make-in-Vietnam’ products on global markets.

Statistics from the Ministry of Information and Technology reveal that digital technology has become the bright light in the national gloomy economic picture thanks to its overall revenues of over US$148 billion this year. More than 70 such businesses have been established so far, and around 1,400 domestic enterprises have introduced their own ‘Make-in-Vietnam’ products to the international markets.

This year’s forum, themed ‘Sustainable Development and Increase of the Nation’s Role in the Global Value Chain’, will be held offline on December 8 in Hanoi, as well as online at certain locations in Japan and Singapore. It is expected to attract the participation of around 1,000 delegates, many of whom are Government and local leaders, along with hundreds of prestigious experts and businesses in the field.

In the event, the Ministry of Information and Technology will deliver awards for winners of the ‘Make-in-Vietnam Digital Products Awards 2022’, honoring organizations and enterprises with outstanding digital products. There will also be on-site and virtual exhibitions for visitors to experience ‘Make-in-Vietnam’ items in the aspects of developing digital government, economy, and society.